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About FTH

Fth is a BSD licensed free software package which includes the interpreter fth and the extension library libfth. You can use Fth as a command line interpreter like Awk, Perl, or Ruby, you can write standalone Forth scripts, you can use the repl fth for interactive input or you can link libfth into an application using Fth as extension language.

The core language of Fth is John Sadler's Forth-inspired command language Ficl. The interactive Fth interpreter supports tcsh-like comman-line editing and history manipulation with the Tecla library. Big integer arithmetic uses OpenSSL's BN_* function set like BN_new(3) and others. Fth has object type extensions, for example array, hash, string, regexp etc.

You can get the latest fth-1.3.8.tar.bz2 from https://sf.net/projects/fth/ or you can check out the SVN source code with:

% mkdir ~/src
% cd ~/src
% svn co svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/fth/code/trunk fth

Now the directory ~/src/fth holds the source tree. From time to time you may later update the tree with:

% cd ~/src/fth
% svn up

Compile and install Fth with:

% cd ~/src/fth
% scons --prefix=${HOME} install

The REAME file has more.

Happy Forthing!

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